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Hello All and Serge!

Wed, 17 Nov 2010 20:58:55 +0100 письмо от SergИ Bogaerts <s-bogaerts at hetnet.nl>:

> good idea to start this group. There are currently several issues which are
> interesting to follow:

Yes, it is a good idea but this will be useful if we not just keep silence but discuss some issues with it.
> - How will CITES I listing be employed by the CITES authorities, especially
> the issue of individual markings needed (an austrian group is working on
> it).

So far as I realize only N. kaizerii included into Annex I. Thus I'm also interesting into the question how all newts which wide spread around private breeders in most continents be legalized?

> - How are captive breeding groups evolving? What is the current knowledge in
> breeding the different species?

I can talk only for N. kaizerii as this is the only species except 1 case of breeding N. crocatus (in Moscow, paper published authored by Timofeev et al) known here in Russia. So far no matter the wc specimens are hard to adopt and most here are illegal, those adopted and captive bred are in fact very strong animals and had no problems with breeding and maintain. To overview the formerly USSR countries N. kaizerii bred in Moscow zoo and in Riga zoo for years and distributed among small number of private keepers (as for Russian part).
As for the other species looking variuos www sources they are also not a big problem to breed and rais. 

> - And last but not least, I just got this website link from a friend. Since
> Iraq seems to be open for tourists the first imports of other Neurergus
> species are already available....in Japan!!!
> http://www.rainforest.co.jp/t-frogs.htm

the problem is that to know was it legal shipment or not and does it come directly from Iran or some middle countries like Azerbaijan (the way N. kaizerii comes to Russia mostly)?

I was always believe that the best way to protect species from illegal collecting and trade is to establish a good solid programme for captive conservation, bred the species and with some time distibute it among legal reputable pet-trade dealers for responsible buyers. This is why I'm here.
No restriction works well only reasonable limited measures may work well.

BTW. In Japan traditionally zoo business and captive keeping of any creatures wide spread among people and they have work with nearly all groups of faunas. For some of them, like coleoptera, especially stug-beetles they are number 1 in the world for many years.
The only real acheivment on amphibians I know they successfully bred Argenteohyla several years ago and this species of frog is seems like close to extinction in the wild.
the problem is that export of cb animals from Japan is close to zero (afaik), that cooperation with some responsible person there shall make this change for all.

All the best, 
Mikhail F. Bagaturov

The Leningrad Zoo, St.Petersburg, Russia
"Department of Insectarium and Amphibians"

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